Being Balance



corporate wellness


Team Building

Providing Tai Chi as part of your corporate wellness program is a great way to foster team building as employees interact together outside of the familiar work context. Bring out the best in your team by providing an exercise environment that fosters positive communication, the ability to work closely together, and self-development.


Creative Potential

“Thinking outside the box,” is a corporate expression that means trying different ways of thinking and doing. The meditative aspect of the BEING BALANCE Corporate Wellness Program gives employees tools to let go of old patterns of thinking. By practicing Tai Chi, employees learn to concentrate and focus on new ways to move while relaxing their bodies and minds. Employees can boost their performance by reducing stress and learning tools to cope with stress.


Corporate Atmosphere

By providing the BEING BALANCE Wellness Program, you can transform the atmosphere of your corporation to make the culture warmer, and more fun. The motivation of employees increases when they feel the company cares about them as an individual as well as their health.


Employee Health

Tai Chi has been medically proven to boost the immune system, to increase balance, and coordination in the body. People who practice Tai Chi regularly are sick less, recover faster from illness, are less prone to injury, and learn valuable tools to cope with stress. The BEING BALANCE Wellness program is beneficial for the health of employees as well as reducing costs of workplace absenteeism and injuries.


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